Why Did a Texas Teacher Segregate Students in Class?

Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary School (CBS 11 screenshot)

A fifth-grade teacher in Fort Worth, Texas, has ignited a firestorm of controversy after he reportedly separated students by race last week and then hurled insults at them and their families, CBS 11 reports. The Fort Worth Independent School District is investigating the incident.

The event occurred Friday during a music class at Hazel Harvey Peace Elementary School. One parent, Sandra Lee, who described the incident as "racist," said it was the first thing her daughter told her about after school.


"He called the class stupid, and when he separated the black kids from the white kids, he told the black kids, 'I know where y’all from,' " Lee told the station. "He said, 'I can tell neither one of y’all get punished at home.' "

Lee talked to administrators on Monday and was told that students involved in the incident have turned in written statements.

"It was racist," Lee said told CBS 11. "Everything that was going on was racist. At that school, at that classroom, with that teacher, it was very racist."

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