Why Are Y'all Like This? GoAuto Insurance CEO Apologizes for Calling Kamala Harris a 'Hoe'

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At this point, it is neither shocking nor surprising that those on the right are spending a fair amount of time lodging sexist and/or racist attacks against Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. It’s like a sport to them.


Just in the past month or so, Harris has been called an “insufferable lying bitch” and had it suggested that Joe Biden only picked her as his running mate because she has “a black pussy” (that last one came from a white woman, because white women are always gonna white women when given the chance.). Harris even had her name mocked by a Senate colleague, David Perdue (R-Ga.), who, I will remind you, is facing a runoff election on Jan. 5 against Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff. I truly hope Georgia comes through and votes this turd out of office.

Anyhoo, the latest clown to do the walkback of shame is GoAuto Insurance founder and CEO Greg Tramontin, known throughout Louisiana as “Greg the GoAuto Guy,” who apologized on Wednesday after calling Harris a “hoe.” (I’m sure he meant “ho,” but maybe Trump supporters have sex with garden tools? It wouldn’t surprise me.)

“Trump was doing it for all the right reasons. He loved this country. It was in trouble,” he wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, according to the Advocate. “(He) doesn’t need this, unlike power hungry Joe and the hoe!”

When Tramontin’s post was discovered and shared by a Black community activist, Tramontin tried to play the “It was just a joke!” card but admitted his words were “obviously inappropriate.”

“But now I ask myself, why? Why did I think, for even a second, that this was something to express?” Tramontin said in a statement, the Advocate notes. “I have to be honest that I was caught up in the deep political divide and the toxic rhetoric that this country has been living in for the past several years. My words were hurtful. I sincerely apologize. This is my wakeup call.”

It never ceases to amaze me how willing people are to fuck up their bag just to run out here and show the world how sexist and/or racist they are by sharing a quip about someone who is about to become the most powerful woman in America.


Gary Chambers, the activist who shared Tramontin’s comments, called on the CEO to step down, especially given the strong Black customer base GoAuto enjoys because of its cheaper rates.

“This is just an indication of how divided we are as a community and a country right now,” Chambers said, according to the Advocate. “Regardless of where you stand politically, this is a woman who has ascended to the second highest office in the land. A Black woman who has done things in no way to indicate that she is a ho.”


The denigration of women in positions of power—particularly women of color—has always been a matter of routine in this country. From AOC to forever first lady Michelle Obama—who was compared to a number of primates while she lived in the White House and is still being called a man by those on the right—female political figures have had to face the worst of what this country has to offer, all while still being required to do their jobs at a higher level than any man, which makes Harris’ ascent into the second-highest office in the land even more remarkable. And all those who hate her for it will just have to fucking deal with it.

Genetta M. Adams is Managing Editor of The Root.



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