California School Board President Resigns After Wife’s Racist Tweets About Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

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I really don’t understand white people, y’all. Like, how are they out here marrying racists and then being all, “Well, I don’t agree at all with what my partner said, but, you know...”


*points at white skin and shrugs*

Our latest example of spousal racism takes us to San Francisco, where a school board president resigned after his wife posted some racist-ass tweets about Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

According to KTLA, Jon Venverloh has resigned from his position at Las Lomitas Elementary School District in Menlo Park. This is mainly due to a series of racist tweets his wife, Mehridith Philips Venverloh, posted on Sunday. In response to a question about Harris’ qualifications to be vice president, Venverloh wrote “all she needs to be qualified is a black pussy! No brain needed!”

Yeahhh, I just gotta—

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Venverloh doubled down on her comments, retweeting a post from Harris where the VP-elect said she “hopes every girl watching tonight sees this is a country of possibilities.” A screenshot of Venverloh’s now deleted reply reads, “The possibilities are endless for little girls who whore their ways to the top!!! What a powerful message!!! Yay team Gaga!!!”

What a strange, sad woman.

Allegedly, these weren’t the only fucked-up things Venverloh posted on Sunday, but given that she’s since deleted her Twitter profile, I can’t tell you what exactly those comments entailed. I can tell you that she pissed off quite a few parents, with many tagging the Twitter accounts of Jon Venverloh and the Los Lomitas School District demanding the school board president resign.


Venverloh said that while he disagrees with his wife’s “reprehensible views,” which, hard doubt, he’ll resign as her posts have made it so that his “continued service would be a distraction from the work that needs to be done.”


Mehredith Venverloh issued an apology on Monday which leads us to a game of “Guess! The! Excuse!”

Alright reader, what excuse do you think Mehredith Venverloh gave for her racist tweets?


A) Drugs and alcohol

B) She was hacked

c) Medication

D) Her posts were taken out of context

To all who guessed C, congrats! The rest of you disappoint me; do better dammit.

Venverloh revealed she’s a Trump supporter (shocker) and that her “vulgar” words were written “in a moment of disappointment.”


She added she was on medication for a “debilitating neurological disease” and had lowered her dosage in the lead up to a scheduled hospitalization. “I believe that the change in medication reduced my judgment between right and wrong when I made the posts,” she said.

How do white people just keep finding this racist-ass medication? I’ve taken plenty of medication in my life; I was even on Ritalin for most of my younger years, which does affect your brain chemistry. While I’ve experienced irritability, drowsiness and discomfort as side effects, never once has a medicine made me be like “You know what? Fuck the Chinese!”


So sure, the medication may have lowered her inhibitions, but the problem isn’t what may have encouraged her to say it, but the fact she felt the need to say it all. Now her name is all over the internet and her man is out of job.

Sucks to suck, I guess.

Correction, 11/11/20, 8:51 a.m.: The headline on this post misidentified the city where the events took place. It has been updated. 

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