Who the Hell Snitches on Weed Snickerdoodles?

Image of the Metropolitan Police Department’s recent drug bust, via the Washington Post
Image of the Metropolitan Police Department’s recent drug bust, via the Washington Post

From the way they tweeted it, you would think that Washington, D.C., police had nabbed Pablo Escobar himself.


On Saturday, D.C. cops raided a downtown bar, seizing more than 25 pounds of pot and marijuana edibles, which had been set up on vendor tables. Police arrested 22 people in the bust, which went down at XO Lounge. The haul made its way to the official Metropolitan Police Department’s Twitter account.

“This definitely looks like more than the legal amount to us!” the account tweeted, referring to the ounce or less of weed that is legally allowed to be transferred between two parties in D.C.


The caption accompanied photos of marijuana buds in mason jars and an entire table of weed cookies and other THC products.

“#DCPolice We are #HereToHelp,” the tweet added, the equivalent of giving yourself a hashtag high five because you nabbed some weed butter.

According to the Washington Post, police say they busted XO Lounge after receiving complaints from residents and workers.


Which leads me to one question and one question alone: Who the hell snitches on weed snickerdoodles? What did these connoisseurs of fine, baked THC goods do to hurt anybody? I get that it’s 2018 and the snitch or snitches are probably stressed and angry as all hell—who wouldn’t be if you lived mere miles from the man intent on marching us ever closer to doomsday? Times are bleak, the world might end before we see Black Panther—I get it.


But did this snitching-ass dickhead (or dickheads) consider that maybe, maaaaaybe, one remedy to being big mad would be to, I don’t know, procure a little bit of weed oil and see if that can’t work it out for you?

Meanwhile, most of the suspects arrested by the MPD have been released and are facing misdemeanor drug-distribution charges.


Thanks for killing everyone’s high, buddy.

Staff writer, The Root.

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Yesha Callahan

How many freebies did DCPD take home for themselves?