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Who’s Black in America? That's the question we at The Root are asking—and answering—as we take a look at the various nations throughout the African Diaspora whose immigrants make up the black population in the United States.

In this new video series, we’ll examine these populations that are often mentioned, but whose rich history is rarely understood. Through Who's Black in America, The Root hopes to shed some light on the various cultures, contributions and issues of the Diaspora.


This month’s episode puts the spotlight on Cape Verde, a charming nation of islands off the west coast of Africa.

Nowadays, most people know Cape Verde, officially known as the Republic of Cabo Verde, as the ancestral home of Amber Rose and the legendary singer Cesaria Evora. However, Cape Verdeans have a rich history in the U.S., especially on the East Coast—and Cape Verde isn't just a nation where most hurricanes originate!

As Cabo Verde celebrates its independence from Portugal this week, Cape Verdean media personality and ethnomusicologist Marcy Depina gives us a brief history of and introduction to the African nation.