Who Knew Tulsi Gabbard Was Still Running for President? Well, Those 4 People Are Going to Be Upset to Learn That She’s Dropped Out

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Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Russia’s favorite operative not named Donald Trump, has officially dropped out of the race for Democratic presidential candidate. Gabbard is the woman who calls you three years into your new marriage to tell you that she’s moved on. Gabbard is the woman that wants the McDonald’s manager to explain why she can’t get a McDLT. She is the woman who stayed in the presidential race so long that, with the exception of American Samoa (The Rock is not from American Samoa so don’t make this joke or The Root’s Managing Editor Genetta Adams will call you racist. Don’t ask me how I know this), no one even remembered that she was still in the race.


Gabbard never really had a chance; even her own party questioned her allegiance to Democratic values, as she often sounded like a Republican. Her polling numbers were barely higher than my middle school GPA (which I believe was low enough to keep me off the basketball team) and she couldn’t make a debate stage even if she claimed to be Sen. Bernie Sanders’ handler.

Gabbard faced an uphill battle from the time she declared that she’d be running for president in January 2019. I mean, let’s be honest here: Hawaii ain’t really the most popping state to make a splash on a national stage. In fact, Gabbard was such a longshot that news stations began asking her why she was still in the race.

In March, ABC News asked Gabbard why she continued her bid as it was clear AF that she didn’t have a chance at making it to the White House unless she got a tour pass.

Gabbard claimed that her campaign was “an opportunity to speak to Americans every single day about the sea change we need in our foreign policy,” ABC News reports.

Gabbard could’ve been a hot choice considering she’s a major in the Army National Guard and “made history leaving the campaign trail for two weeks serving on active duty in Indonesia,” ABC News reports.

In October, Gabbard announced that she wouldn’t be seeking reelection for her congressional seat and sued former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for defamation after Clinton claimed that Gabbard was a “favorite of the Russians.”


While Gabbard was a registered Democrat she sure didn’t act like it. In fact, during her run for presidency Gabbard not only appeared on a Fox News show—doesn’t matter which show as they are all the same but I think it was the one where the white guy host kisses Trump’s ass; not Tucker Carlson, the other one—and spouted off Republican talking points.


It appears that Gabbard’s job was to gaslight Democrats during the debates and well, her work is done. Goodbye Tulsi Gabbard and the four people who loved her as I’m sure they will have no problem moving over to Biden’s camp, whom Gabbard endorsed on the way out.

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That Biden endorsement should sting Bernie a little. She previously supported him, and vice versa.

Well now that she’s not running for Congress again, and finally ended the last damn campaign that nobody asked for, she can go back to her original job trying to catch moose and squirrel for mother Russia.