Who Invited Trump? President Shows Up and Takes the Stage at Ohio Rally Without an Invite, Governor Claims

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President Trump is the kid that shows up to the frat party wearing a visor and golf shorts carrying a six pack of PBR trying to get the party started and no one knows him. He’s the white kid that will roll with a gang until they kill someone and then he becomes a white kid again. He’s an imposter president who continues to play the role of imposter, and the president is literally an inside-out “Make America Great Again” hat because he loves to rally, even when he isn’t invited.


Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich made an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday and wondered aloud what the fuck the president was doing at a rally for “State Sen. Troy Balderson, the Republican candidate for a U.S. House seat in a Tuesday special election,” HuffPost reports.

“I asked him the other day, ‘Why are you bringing Trump in,’ said Kasich, who, despite being a Republican, isn’t fond of the current president. Kasich said Balderson told him, “Well, I don’t have anything to do with it.”

“I think Donald Trump decides where he wants to go,” Kasich said of the president’s appearance. After introducing Balderson and praising him, Trump not only spoke at the event but continued to push his own agenda and beef with the media, complete with a litany of complaints.

“I think [Trump and his political advisers] think they are firing up the base [at such rallies]” added Kasich, who looked as if he wanted to say, “Who in the fuck invited this guy who’s passed out on the couch in a pool of vomit?”

Trump is a rallying-rally-face who reportedly handcuffs staff members to each other and gives them a head start just so he can come from behind and beat them in a foot race.


HuffPost notes that Balderson is facing a battle come Tuesday against Democrat Danny O’Connor, “in a district where the GOP traditionally has dominated.”

Trump proclaimed that Balderson is “really smart” and a “really hard worker,” which is exactly what a Burger King manager says during a job reference about an employee who was caught smoking pot in the men’s restroom. Trump’s generic compliments were actually better than his tweets, considering that, as reported by HuffPost, “Trump mistakenly urged Republicans to vote in the special election for a someone not on its ballot―GOP Rep. Steve Stivers. He represents a nearby district and is up for re-election on November’s ballot.”


Trump later deleted the tweet; because, of course he did.

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