White Woman Calls Police on Bob Marley’s Granddaughter After She Didn’t Smile. Now the Filmmaker Wants Justice

After someone called the police, seven cop cars rolled up on a group of black filmmakers, including the granddaughter of Bob Marley, Donisha Prendergast.


The group was renting an Airbnb in Rialto, Calif. Now they want justice.

Prendergast recently spoke out at a New York press conference. “Just because I wasn’t bowed and handcuffed against the ground—my blood is not running in the streets—doesn’t make it any less violent,” Prendergast said. “What happens to all of us is an indignity. There was no respect and no honor.”


Now the group might sue for discrimination.

See the entire video above.

Afro-Cuban woman that was born and branded in New York. When León isn't actually creating cool videos, she's thinking of cool videos that she can create.

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Raineyb1013, Misfit Black Girl Island Denizen

That bitch, the “host,” needs to be dragged. This heifer has the nerve to blame the three women? Fuck her, fuck her nosy ass neighbor, and fuck airbnb! (I not a fan; never was. Sleeping in strange people’s houses is not cute. Nope! But I’m digressing)

Here’s a hint all you Beckies and Chads out there, you are not entitled to our attention. We are not obligated to smile at, wave at, otherwise acknowledge your asses if we do not choose to do so. In going about our businesses without acknowledging you, we are not breaking the law nor is it grounds for calling the cops. You lot spend way too much time trying to be all in our shit. Mind your motherfucking business.

This is not a schoolyard, there is no need for a tattle tale; mind your motherufcking business. If no one is in danger and there’s a Black person going about their business, mind yours. No one wants your unsolictied advice, your scoldings, or you nosing into shit. Mind your motherfucking business.

I don’t give a fuck if you claim to be concerned about some nonexistent crime that you think your “tip” might solve, that’s a goddamn lie. You’re just concern-trolling; mind your motherfucking business.

The reason why I know that you are lying and aren’t concerned about crime at all is because when you see Black people being attacked and mistreated you manage to look anywhere but at what is going on in order to claim you didn’t know what happened which means 1. you are perfectly capable of paying others no mind and 2. you are more concerned about property than people.

For that you can go fuck yourself.

Now go be about your business. (And no one else’s.)