White Thugs Who Pulled Guns on BLM Protesters to Take Part in GOP Convention

Illustration for article titled White Thugs Who Pulled Guns on BLM Protesters to Take Part in GOP Convention
Screenshot: CBS This Morning

G.I. Ken and Karen, the white St. Louis couple who had trouble sitting in their living room and minding their own business, the same cop-loving couple who felt deputized by their whiteness to pull guns on Black Lives Matters demonstrators—who weren’t even fucking with them—will participate in the virtual Republican National Convention next week.


The Democratic National Convention, which is taking place this week had Michelle Obama on the first day, meanwhile, the Republican National Convention is rolling out these lactose-tolerant thugs.

On Monday, the Trump campaign announced that Mark and Patricia McCloskey, affectionately known as Ken and Karen McGoFuckThemselves, would endorse the president of the people who believe that violence is the answer to peaceful protest during the virtual slavemaster convention, the Hill reports.

Sadly, Ken and Karen have become heroes of the right after a video emerged of these gun-toting miscreants and their divisive message of wielding guns during peaceful marches because America. The McFizzleFucks “were charged with felonies for unlawful use of a weapon,” the Hill reports. But none of that matters because should the McFuckNuts be found guilty of anything, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) has vowed to pardon the couple, proving once again that America will always make an exception for white thug violence.

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Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.


The best part about that shitshow called The GOP convention is the D List losers they have appearing. I mean these two pieces of butt lint are just the warm up for Ted Nugent, Scott Baio and The My pillow guy. Oh did I mention that the bitch ass pussy teenager with the most punchable face of all time, Nick Sanderman, will be speaking? I mean the sad part is The GOP claims that no one wants to hear from celebrities but the real reason they are pissed is that no one cool or relevant wants to be associated with them. I mean who needs Tom Hanks or Eva Longoria when you can get Chachi and Angelina Jolie’s dad?

I mean isn’t that what this is all about? The cool kids told you all to fuck off and you still haven’t gotten over it? Barack made fun of fat ass and like the guy that got dumped at the prom he couldn’t let it go. Really Donald we know it’s small but with each tweet it becomes more microscopic