White Supremacist Who Tried to Blow Up Kansas City Hospital Plotted With Active Duty Army Soldier

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Photo: Jamie Squire (Getty Images)

Whether its crowding beaches, prioritizing “freedom over health” or, in this case, just being truly vile human beings, white people seem intent on making this pandemic worse than it already is.


ABC News reports that a white supremacist who had plans to blow up a Kansas City hospital currently dealing with the coronavirus epidemic was in talks with an active duty member of the U.S Army. Timothy Wilson, 36, went to get materials for a car bomb but found that it was a sting by federal authorities.

From ABC News:

Ahead of Tuesday’s incident, Wilson “espoused white supremacist ideology” and “made a threat that if any agent attempted to [search his property] they should ‘bring a lot of body bags,” said the FBI alert, distributed to state and local law enforcement agencies in the region on Wednesday.

The FBI attempted to arrest Wilson but a shootout ensued that resulted in Wilson’s death. Wilson had been in contact with Jarrett Smith, a soldier in the U.S Army. He was on active duty before his arrest in September 2019. Wilson gave Smith advice on how to make improvised explosive devices.

More from ABC News:

According to charging documents filed at the time in Topeka, Kansas, Smith allegedly planned to travel to Ukraine to fight with the violent far-right group Azov Battalion; suggested targeting then-Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke; proposed bombing the headquarters of a still-unidentified news network; and distributed bomb-making tips online.

So that’s, uh, a lot. You would think that incidents like this would make the Army really consider increasing its measures to prevent white nationalists from joining its ranks, but nah.

“With the current COVID-19 pandemic, Wilson decided to accelerate his plan to detonate a [car bomb] to cause severe harm and mass casualties,” the FBI said in its alert, ABC notes. “Wilson may have also believed the additional stress on society posed by the COVID-19 pandemic provided unique opportunities to exploit.”


It’s amazing a global pandemic is being seen as an opportunity by white supremacists. Blowing up a hospital and putting a strain on resources affects everybody, white people included. You would think self-preservation would, for the time being, outweigh one’s desire to be a racist piece of shit.



He also wanted to target synagogues and mosques on his evil wish list. This christian cult sounds dangerous and maybe we need to think about banning it in the name of safety.