The Phrase 'White Nationalist' Cut From Measure Designed to Screen for White Nationalists in the Military

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A measure in the National Defense Authorization Act designed to allow for better screening of white nationalism in military enlistees has had the word ‘white nationalist’ removed. That, uh, makes sense, right?


Huffington Post writes that after initially passing in the House, the language of the measure was altered to “extremist and gang-related activity,” after being passed through the Republican-controlled Senate. It is unclear who made this change nor was any justification provided for the change. Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.) found the removal to be alarming as he introduced the measure in July after numerous reports of white nationalists in the military.

This development is, frankly, unsurprising. Did we honestly expect anything less from the party that’s totally chill with having a white nationalist be a Senior Advisor to the President? To rebuke white nationalism is to rebuke the presidency and it’s pretty clear that the Republican party is riding that ship into the iceberg.

This news comes at the end of a week where investigations were launched into white supremacist signs possibly being thrown up at the annual Army/Navy game and the official Department of Defense Facebook page celebrating the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge with a picture of an SS officer. Clearly, there is no need for concern about white nationalism in the military.


Jae watches the world turn day-glo

A bit redundant isn’t it? White Nationalists in the military.

Even the poc are trained to be nationalists. Let’s face it none of this has been for us so it really has been and shall always be about white nationalism.

How many wars, drone attacks, incursions (whatever they call the wars that are not wars: armed ticklefests?) are in countries comprised of varying shades of brown people?

Our schtick has been to protect and advance our interests. (of the 1%) That rah rah rah sis boom bah has been all about the money. We take what we want. Cut citizens’ access to food and water, install the leaders we want then kill them when they don’t follow our orders. Just kill the ones who are “too uppity”. Oh you funny little pan-africanists, bang you’re dead. We destabilise regions and crush those whose ideologies don’t align with our love of the almighty $$$.

There are extremely concrete reasons as to why the US is one of the richest nations. More in line with contract killings then “american ingenuity”.

Hawaii who loves you baby? Dole

Colombia who has your back? Chiquita

From bananas to sugarcane, shipping routes, minerals, oil and more. There’s no brown-skinned person we won’t kill.

Long live United Fruit Company! The CIA/US military loved you long time.