White Supremacist Teen Says He’s Leaving Boston University Because of Threats

Teresa Crawford/AP Images
Teresa Crawford/AP Images

Nicholas Fuentes is now a former student of Boston University just a week after attending the “alt-right” rally in Charlottesville, Va. Fuentes says that threats and harassment caused him to transfer to Auburn University in Alabama, where his Southern pride and love of cement statues will probably be embraced.


But never mind the fact that the 19-year-old Fuentes looks like a 38-year-old grown man; he may also be a liar.

In an interview with The Plainsman student newspaper, Fuentes said he enrolled in Auburn in May. “It’s just a matter of getting over there,” he said. But according to Al.com, Auburn University is like, “We don’t know him,” and said there is no record that the student has enrolled.

But the Chicago native has high hopes for his stay at Auburn.

Fuentes made waves at Boston University last year when he donned his “Make America Great Again” hat and posted YouTube videos in support of Donald Trump. His America First video series is hosted on the Auburn-based Right Side Network.

“The reason I thought Auburn was a good choice was, to be honest, it was one of my original choices to go to school when I graduated high school,” he said,  according to the Chicago Tribune. “Auburn University is a more wholesome campus. It has better weather and better people. And, ultimately, I think it will be friendlier territory.”

I guess he’s never seen all of the international or black students on campus. This should go over very well.

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He looks like the incompetent intern who tries to yell at admin staff because he can’t figure out how a copier works.