#White People Stink Trends on Twitter

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In today's episode of When Social Networking Goes Wrong, #White People Stink is a trending topic on Twitter.  


The multicultural makeup and quasi-anonymity of the site make it a breeding ground for discussions of themes with a racial slant. Some are uncomfortable but funny, some are controversial but thought provoking, and then, on days like today, there are those that have no redeeming qualities.

In Black Twitter: Trending Topics Paint the Wrong Picture, The Root's (@TheRoot247) Patrice J. Williams asked whether African Americans who make up 25 percent of Twitter users are wasting our large social networking presence with hateful, stereotypical and misogynistic messages. Whether the origin of this latest offensive hashtag can actually be blamed on "Black Twitter," you can guess where the backlash has been directed.

Check out some recent responses below:

White People Stink? If this was "black people stink," everyone would be like OMG but because it's white, everyone's like yeah that's ok :| wtf?

The "White people stink" trend on twitter is bringing out a lot of racism … on both sides … *feels uncomfortable*

"White People Stink." is trending. If it was "Black People Stink." the whole world would be in uproar.


White people stink. Asian people think. Funny people joke cause the black people broke …

if White People Stink the stench is from money #Inheritance lol

Now that white people stink is trending, a whole lot of white people are having fun saying nigger


There's more than enough legitimate racial strife in the world without the addition of hateful nonsense like this trending topic. Please, especially when it involves race, think before you tweet.

In other news: Want to Be Thin? Live Downtown.

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