Via PostBourgie

White-people (political) problems? Analyzing new research that contradicts conventional wisdom, one PostBourgie writer says, "Obama's issues with white folks β€” or Southern whites, really β€” isn't a new phenomenon for Democratic presidential candidates."

Madonna: Black Muslim in the White House: Looks like the artist is one of the few people who still believe the lies about the president's religion, and also thinks they're great. "Y'all better vote for fβ€”king Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House. Now, that's some amazing sβ€”t," she said. "It means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man, goddamnit." Somewhere, a Birther or Tea Party member is kicking himself.

Sugar mama or sugar baby: Which would you rather be? If anyone out there happens to be grappling with this question today, Uptown magazine has some guidelines to help you decide.

Trippin' through Cognac: Check out this ode to the place where "the brown" was born, based on Angela Bronner Helm's reflections on a recent visit.