White House Warned That Rudy Giuliani Was Target of Russia Misinformation Campaign, and Trump Just Jordan Shrugged

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Turns out that America isn’t the only country that’s aware of how fucking stupid Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is.

According to a scathing report in the Washington Post, Russia also knows of Rudy’s inability to comprehend basic addition, so he was targeted as a way to push misinformation to Trump, and he didn’t know because he’s an idiot.

Know who else is an idiot? The president was told of the plan to use Giuliani like a talking plush toy and he didn’t care.


Four different sources familiar with the matter told the Post that their warnings to the White House were based on sources and intercepted communications, which reportedly showed Giuliani in communication with multiple people with ties to Russian intelligence during a trip to Ukraine in December in 2019. You know, the trip where he went to the Ukraine to dig up information on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, and his work with Ukrainian natural-gas company, Burisma Holdings.

U.S. officials got worried when they intercepted communications showing Giuliani was being used as a big, bad-tooth parrot to spread bad information back to Trump. According to the Post, national security adviser Robert O’Brien told Trump that any information coming from Giuliani could be fugazi.

One source told the Post that the message to Trump was, “Do what you want to do, but your friend Rudy has been worked by Russian assets in Ukraine.”

Trump reportedly shrugged and said: “That’s Rudy.”

From Business Insider:

The warning to Trump was especially stark because officials wanted “to protect the president from coming out and saying something stupid,” the Post said. At the time, Trump was facing impeachment for his efforts to force Ukraine to launch politically motivated investigations into the Bidens and Burisma.

In January, after Trump was impeached and while he and Giuliani were pushing for the investigations, hackers associated with Russia’s military-intelligence agency successfully breached Burisma’s servers.


Business Insider also notes that on Wednesday, a bogus New York Post “story purporting to show “smoking-gun” emails between Hunter Biden and a top executive at Burisma communicating with a Ukrainian official about meeting with his father, Joe Biden, when he was vice president.

In short, Giuliani went to Ukraine looking for information on Hunter Biden’s business dealings and was fed some bullshit to take back to Trump, who was totally fine with that because he has no problem spreading bullshit. Just look at his Twitter timeline.


And all of this sounds about right for the behold, a pale White horse House-ass conspiracy theory misinformation administration.

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