White House Staffer Leaks That Trump Was Warned Not to Congratulate Putin, Then Trump Got Mad About the Leak and Someone Leaked That

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Because the White House staff has to talk to the president of the United States like he’s a third-grader, national security advisers put the words “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” in all caps so that the old fool would be sure not to celebrate the sham election win by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin during a call Tuesday.

I bet you’ll never guess what the president did. If you guessed that he gushed over the ultimate Russian mob boss’s victory, then you are correct. Some saint inside the White House promptly leaked that the president was explicitly warned not to congratulate the Russia godfather for stealing another election, and the president got pissed that the information was leaked, and then someone leaked that.


According to CNN, Trump was big mad and apparently stomping through the White House asking who leaked the information. He also spoke with allies and outside advisers to find out who they thought may have leaked the information, which was reportedly known by only a small group of staffers.

Here’s what a source told CNN about how it all went down:

According to the source, the incident resurfaces his long-held belief there are individuals inside his administration — especially in the national security realm — who are actively working to undermine him.

White House chief of staff John Kelly also is furious that a confidential presidential briefing became public knowledge, a White House official said, and intends to address the matter Wednesday as aides try to figure out who disclosed the warning.

The White House declined to officially comment to CNN on the matter, with an official adding that they “cannot comment on alleged classified deliberative documents allegedly provided to the president.”

It isn’t unusual for the president of the United States to call foreign leaders during what the White House has called “executive time.” I believe that this is the time when chief of staff John Kelly puts the parental code into the president’s iPad and allows him to download games and play them.


CNN notes that when the president makes these calls to foreign leaders, it isn’t unusual for national security adviser H.R. McMaster to join him. The news station notes that McMaster was present when the president called Putin.

The leaker, while doing the Lord’s work, is adding to a climate of paranoia inside the White House that someone is attempting to undermine and embarrass the president, one source told CNN.


“This is unacceptable,” the White House official said. Another called it “ridiculous.”

The truth is that even though the warning was put in all caps and included inside his briefing, no one even knows if Trump read that damn thing because the president does what he wants. Apparently, national security staffers aren’t annoyed with the president for playing nice with the Russian despot; they are more upset about the leak.


Meanwhile, McMaster is storming through the White House upset about the leak, while he need to be concerned about keeping his job as the rumor mill keeps churning about him being one of the next to go in the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice: White House.

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