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President Barack Obama will answer questions about the economy and jobs today during his first Twitter town hall meeting, during which users of the social networking site are urged to use the hashtag #AskObama. The event, also being called a 'TweetUp,' will take place at 2 p.m. EDT.


The questions will come from Twitter, but Obama will respond the old-fashioned way. "He's just answering the questions. He's not typing and tweeting," White House spokesman Jay Carney clarified last week.

The event is expected to be attended in person by up to 140 (get it?) selected individuals who follow the White House Twitter feed. Countless others from around the country will tweet about the issues they'd like the president to address.


"The purpose of doing this event is to try to find new opportunities to connect with Americans around the country. And so whether we're inviting them here to the White House through this tweet-up, or whether we're using a social media platform like Twitter to get out of D.C., we're really excited to bring in new voices to the conversation with the president, and are particularly excited about the format of tomorrow's event, which I think will take advantage of the real-time nature of Twitter to actually have a conversation and a set of questions that evolves as the president's speaking and as people are watching live," said Macon Phillips, White House director of digital strategy.

Follow @TheRoot247 as we live-tweet the event with the hashtag #WHTweetUp.

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