Brent Thomas Posada

When Brent Thomas Posada ended up with a gunshot wound to his abdomen earlier this month, he thought it would be easy, well, to blame a black man, the Daily News reports.

After police found the 34-year-old man at his Redding, Calif., home at 8:18 p.m. on Feb. 1, he told officers that he was shot in the stomach when he pushed his black attacker’s arm to the side.


But officers had difficulty finding evidence to support his story, reports And an analysis of his clothes contradicted his claim.

He retracted his story after police called him for questioning Monday. He then confessed to intentionally shooting himself with a high-powered weapon, the story says.

He was not arrested for filing a false police report, but the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case, reports KRCRTV.


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