White Aristocrat Leaves Fortune to Black Manservant

The will of Lord Glennconner, a multimillionaire aristocrat who transformed the West Indian island of Mustique into a haven for the wealthy, has named his manservant of 30 years the recipient of his estate, the Daily Mail reports.

Kent Adonai, who slept at the foot of his employer's bed, walked his pet elephant, cooked for his friends and tried to revive him after he suffered a fatal heart attack, will receive a beachside home in St Lucia and all of his contents, as well as a valley overlooking the Caribbean. 


Lady Anne, the widow of Lord Glenconner, has appealed for him to return part of the estate to the family. She said she hoped that Adonai "would do the right thing and transfer the estate to their teenaged grandson. Her husband changed his will seven months before his death from cancer to leave Adonai everything that had originally been assigned to the 17-year-old.

"We have looked at the possibility of challenging the will, which would be possible in Britain or America. But under St. Lucian law, there is no possibility of that," she said. "We are hoping Kent will follow what we all knew were my husband’s wishes — namely that Cody would be left his estate in St Lucia." After 30 years at the foot of the bed? Good luck with that one, Lady Anne.


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