When Did Being Black and Proud Become Racist?

Gabby Douglas (Getty Images)
Gabby Douglas (Getty Images)

In a piece for NewsOne, Kirsten West Savali challenges those who claim that it's "living in the past" to recognize black achievement at the Olympics or elsewhere.

Yes, apparently in the mind of the Neo-Negro, it is segregationism to acknowledge the race of a sister or a brother because mainstream media doesn't do the same. If they are American, the Neo-Negro claims, then that is all that matters.

[Dominique] Dawes, thankfully, disagrees.

"Us gymnasts are usually so composed," she said, contagiously sobbing through an interview with FOX Sports. "I am so thrilled for Gabby … I'm so thrilled to change my website and take down the fact that I was the only African American with a gold medal."

Well, according to the word on Assimilation Street, Dawes shouldn't be excited at all. The people that live there argue that what Gabby has accomplished transcends her Blackness to the point of making it a mere footnote, and to place special emphasis on her race is to diminish her global achievement.


Read Kirsten West Savali's entire piece at News One.

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