Barack Obama started making me nervous with campaign-talk about closing Gitmo, and now it looks like it's the first thing on his "to do" list. Sure, it's a fine idea. Then, what do you DO with all those prisoners? It's bad enough having fresh-out perverts and sex offenders moved into your neighborhood—then, you want to move in Al-Queada? Seriously?

You can't send them back to where they come from, because, well, then you make them into heroes with some serious street cred. You think Lil Murder who did a bid for robbery came out of jail all hard—wait till Abdulla comes out off of a bombing charge. He went in like a lower-lever cronie but he'll come out like SuperThug. We can't host a theatre of torture, that's for sure. But we can't free people we've tortured and expect it all to be babies and cream.

So what do we do about Gitmo?

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