“Just grateful. Thank you @keenanthemuse & @broadnaxsteve,” Luke James captioned in a social media post once the news of his casting was announced.

Randolph-Wright helps bring Childress’ Trouble in Mind alive, which follows “a Black actress who challenges stereotypes while rehearsing a liberal-minded anti-lynching play.” Over at Clyde’s, Nottage is serving up a story about “a truck-stop sandwich stop staffed by ex-cons trying to get their lives together—and create the perfect snack.” But if you needed something else to chew on, sink your teeth into Morisseau’s “meaty drama” Skeleton Crew, which chronicles “four workers at a dying auto-parts plant who are torn between strategies of survival: the every-man-for-himself ethos of American individualism versus the solidarity of unions, friends and chosen families.”

Tickets for Clyde’s and Trouble in Mind are not on sale yet, but you can purchase tickets for Thoughts of a Colored Man, Chicken & Biscuits and Pass Over now. You can also grab seats for Lackawanna Blues and Skeleton Crew on August 10 and September 9, respectively.