What Black Voters Want in the 2018 Midterm Elections

The Root’s Video Producer Felice Leon and I went to Harlem to ask black voters what issues they want to see addressed. We found people who were more than ready to get to the polls but, as important as these upcoming elections are, we still found some folks were not motivated to vote.

Are the main issues that concern black voters being addressed in the upcoming elections? Are too many of us sitting out because we don’t believe our voices are being heard? Black residents of Harlem told us how they felt in the full video above.


Spoiler alert— It does matter. Make sure you vote in the #2018midterms.

Video Producer @ The Root



I think it would be cool if you got some of your West Coast reporter(s), and the Southern reporters to do the same thing. Wherever you got some people to talk to folks on the street. Compare how people feel about their vote, or lack of vote... What my English teachers in junior high said to do - Compare and contrast. Not a formal study, just pick up the vibe.