What About the Pain of Mister Cee's Wife?

Mister Cee (Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

Nadiah Rodriguez writes at Clutch magazine that Mister Cee's wife must be coping with a boatload of "self-doubt, paranoia and humiliation" and that her ordeal should be discussed and addressed as vehemently as her husband's.

Her pain, and even her existence, is markedly absent from the conversation about Mister Cee.

The situation reminds me of NBA player Jason Collins, who came out the closet via Sports Illustrated in May. He was praised for his decision and I commend him. But I couldn’t help but thinking of his deception of Carolyn Moos, the woman who spent eight years with this man and eventually became his fiancé.

I can only imagine what the women in relationships with down low men, who come out the closet in the public eye, go through. There’s the paralyzing anger they must grapple with and the threat of diseases that could be contracted (especially in Mister Cee’s case when oral sex with prostitutes is involved). After the men come out the closet, these women could struggle with broken trust, self-doubt, paranoia and humiliation — in addition to the irretrievable years spent on an illusion.

Now, I’m not denying that coming out is a very difficult experience but I do feel that sometimes the people hurt by the men who deceived them are overshadowed by the heroism it took said men to face their truth. Why aren’t we acknowledging their pain?


Read Nadiah Rodriguez's entire piece at Clutch magazine. 

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