Lil' Obama

A little Obama in a lab coat being scolded by little elephants in suits? If that's not adorable, The Buzz doesn't know what is.

Raising the Dead

The Buzz of course appreciates any jab to the zealots, but the idea that he's somehow raising big government from over a decade ago pretty much gives a mulligan to the Gaucho Administration, which isn't quite fair.

Ridin' Dirty

Obama's got his elbows pokin' wide, which undoubtedly makes Bun B, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall exceedingly proud.


Showing Reverence

Rush Limbaugh will not personally be able to top this week unless he runs for office with Bobby Jindal as his running mate, whom he will affectionately call Hagi to anyone holding anything that resembles a microphone.

The Orphan

You know the guy had probably just settled into his favorite chair when the doorbell rang.


Fire Sale

Not Pictured: China.

Before The Levees Break

During his train wreck response, Bobby Jindal actually did speak to these out-of-control GOP spending policies, which he blamed on diverting from the conservative path (and didn't so subtly imply acted more like Democrats), which is essentially the peer pressure argument, one that would have worked well enough if the Democrats had any real power during said time period, a period in which a war started, monies were given out without account to people with close to the worst of intentions and not nearly the acumen for business that was assumed. Thankfully they made a lot of pennies, lost a good deal of them and are willingly being bailed out by the same ideals that both they and Jindal—free markets, hands-off government—claim to shun. But whatever.


Buzz Favorite: Lil' Obama

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