We Need to Talk About This R. Kelly Video Because This Young Woman Clearly Looks Like a Captive

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

R. Kelly is going to tear the black community down the seam. There are those who believe the R&B singer is guilty of everything he’s ever been accused of, and not because they are haters of his music but because they’ve seen the videotape of a man who looks like R. Kelly and has a Grammy on his shelf who is molesting and peeing on a child. If that man in said video is not R. Kelly, then this might be the most Hotep shit I’ve ever written, but R. Kelly has a clone.


And then there are the others: the Black Deplorables, those who believe with a Trumpian’s faith that because the man gave us “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition (Remix),” and because he wore a Black Israelite headpiece in the “I Wish” video, that the ongoing pedophile allegations against him are fake news—or, even worse, they don’t care.

On Monday, BuzzFeed dropped a bombshell that the Pied Piper of R&B (vomit-inducing name) was holding women captive. The piece claimed that the family of a woman, who has now been revealed as Jocelyn Savage, believes that Kelly was running a sex cult in which women were not allowed to contact their families. The article also claimed that the singer didn’t allow the women to wear revealing clothing or speak to other men. If you haven’t read it, take time to do so; it’s troubling.

R. Kelly has come out against the allegations and Savage has come forward to tell TMZ that she is, in fact, OK:

The video was supposed to assure readers of the initial article that Savage was not a member of a cult. The video was supposed to clear R. Kelly’s name, except that Savage totally seems like a captive.

I’m no captive expert. I haven’t reviewed captive videos before, but my layman’s experience tells me that Savage doesn’t seem very forthcoming with information. In fact, one could argue that Savage is being coached off camera.

Go back and watch the footage. When the TMZ interviewer asks Savage why she believes that her family has asked for a welfare check now, Savage starts to answer the question and then looks up off camera and says she doesn’t want to answer the question. She also refuses to answer whether she’s in Georgia, whether she’s living with roommates, and whether she can come and go as she pleases—all questions that a noncaptive would answer freely, one would assume.


Internet sleuths have also reported that a shadow can be seen on Savage’s shirt top, confirming that someone is behind the camera and, thus, coaching Savage through her answers. Savage’s behavior appears, at the least, to be captive-esque.

But the bigger question for me is, what does a 50-year-old man with a history of sexually predatory behavior surrounding him like stench off a garbage dump want with a 21-year-old? More importantly, why does he have her around when her family insists that she is being held captive? If you aren’t holding her captive, then why aren’t you encouraging her to visit and call her family?


Also, WHY IS A 50-YEAR-OLD MAN HOUSING A 21-YEAR-OLD? Why does he have a friendship with a 21-year-old? Why does he have her living in or near him? Why are there several women alleging the same thing? What will it take for young black women’s lives to matter more than a slow jam?

Never forget that during the height of R. Kelly’s alleged pedophilia, interviewer Touré asked him plainly, “Do you like teenage girls?” To which R. Kelly replied, “When you say ‘teenage,’ how old are we talking?”

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I'm Ron Isley's Side Bitch

I’m from Chicago and Kelly was known to troll the high schools in his car early on in his career looking for girls. Anecdotal, I know but the sources were reliable. I won’t listen to his music becuase I believe he abuses children. I also feel if he weren’t abusing young women but instead young men, more people in the community turn against him; a strange mix of misogyn, homophobia and denial.