Watch: Woman Donates All Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Belongings to Goodwill

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Goodwill surveillance video shows a woman arriving at Goodwill and unloading her trunk carrying what has been reported to be all her ex-boyfriend’s clothes. 
WREG Screenshot

Sometime last year, a Memphis, Tenn., woman drove up to a Goodwill and hopped out of a car. A videotape from the store shows the woman unloading items from her trunk into a cart with the help of a man believed to be a Goodwill employee. The man then rolls the cart inside the store and the woman takes off.

One problem: The belongings given to the store were reportedly the woman's ex-boyfriend's, and the woman, Shyjuan Snowden, who was in a Memphis court on Monday, allegedly gave all his stuff away because she was upset, according to WREG.

According to the news station, besides giving all the man's belongings to the Goodwill, Snowden also destroyed some of the victim's property.  


"I then in turn went to civil court," the unidentified man told the news station. "I sued in civil court, won a judgment of $6,500. That's been about a year, maybe three months ago. She still has not paid me for any of those items."

Snowden is also facing assault charges for allegedly attacking the victim after the civil court ruling.


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