Watch: Where Are All the Flag Lovers Now? Trump Plays and Points During the National Anthem

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Here’s what happens when you go to the doctor. You have an ailment, you go to the doctor’s office, you see a physician, most likely a general practice doctor who listens to your symptoms and then provides a diagnosis. All the schooling makes doctors the best at recognizing what might be troubling you. It’s not an exact science but it’s the best we’ve got.


I’m a doctor of sorts. I grew up during the crack-era 1980s in Washington, D.C. I’ve seen the transformation that happens when working parents get strung out and become zombies. I know the symptoms and I’m trained at making a diagnosis.

President Trump might not be on drugs, but he sure does have a lot of the symptoms. The sniffs, the inability to form coherent sentences at times, the inability to control his behavior and shaking down his brother for money.

Live clip of Trump and senior adviser Kellyanne Conway:

On Sunday, while Trump was vacationing on taxpayers’ money at the shithole known as Mar-a-Lago, a video appears to show the president, and ardent supporter of the American flag, pointing and acting as if he’s conducting a symphony.

According to the brief video posted to Instagram, the president, who surely wasn’t hopped up on Adderall, can’t stop fidgeting and acting like a toddler in church. At one point in the video, which the Miami Herald notes appears to have been “flipped, or mirrored, likely because it is an Instagram video recorded with a phone’s selfie camera. That is why Melania Trump appears to have her left hand across her chest and there is a backward numeral 4 in the video,” Donald “I Smoked the TV Mama” Trump can be seen doing shit that people who get high do; thinking they are really funny when they are actually being inappropriate, and touching a bunch of shit that isn’t bothering them.


And get this, the video of this son of a bitch (this isn’t me being insensitive to the president but rather using his language for people who disrespect the flag) acting like a donkey during the national anthem was posted to Instagram by a “real estate agent for a Russian-American firm who frequents Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties and events,” the Herald reports.

As of Tuesday, my Twitter timeline has not been ablaze with flag lovers who want to have actual sex with the flag and who were ready to burn their houses down just to set NFL and Nike apparel ablaze protesting Colin Kaepernick. I’ve not heard a peep from white activists like Tomi Lahren or talk show host Wendy Williams. So I’m a little confused if the argument is about…


Fine. We all know what the argument was about when Kaepernick decided to take a knee during the national anthem to protest the over-policing of black and brown people.

But tell me more about the boycotts of the NFL as long as they allow players to kneel during the anthem, while this son of bitch acts as if he’s at Chuck E. Cheese and he’s just seen his pizza coming to the table while America’s whitest anthem plays in the background.


The only anthem black folks respect is the Ruff Ryders Anthem.

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Murry Chang

To those of us with experience in these sorts of things, he’s obviously on some kind of speed almost all the time. 

His voters, however, do not give 2 shits about that.