Watch: Trump Judicial Nominee Is an Idiot Who Can’t Answer Basic Legal Questions

Live On-Air News  via YouTube screenshot
Live On-Air News via YouTube screenshot

Donald Trump’s judicial nominee Matthew Spencer Petersen is a judicial idiot. During a Senate confirmation hearing, Petersen was asked a very simple set of questions about his qualifications for the lifetime appointment by Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.).


Here’s how HuffPost detailed the tragic opening:

Kennedy: Have you ever tried a jury trial?

Petersen: I have not.

Kennedy: Civil?

Petersen: No.

Kennedy: Criminal?

Petersen: No.

Kennedy: Bench?

Petersen: No.

Kennedy: State or federal court?

Petersen: I have not.

Remember that judges are lifetime appointees, so if confirmed, Petersen, who’s never tried a jury trial, a civil trial or a criminal trial, could never be removed from his position. The questioning just became more embarrassing from there as Petersen’s lack of knowledge really began to shine.

Kennedy: As a trial judge, you’re obviously going to have witnesses. Can you tell me what the Daubert standard is?

Petersen: Sen. Kennedy, I don’t have that readily at my disposal but I would be happy to take a closer look at that. That is not something I’ve had to contend with.

Kennedy: Do you know what a motion in limine is?

Petersen: Yes. ... I haven’t, I’m, again, my background is not in litigation as when I was replying to Chairman [Chuck] Grassley [R-Iowa], I haven’t had to um, again, do a deep dive.

The only answer that Petersen appeared to answer with conviction was if he’d ever blogged, to which he replied “No.” And, to his credit, he also replied “No” when asked if he ever blogged in favor of the Ku Klux Klan.

Now, I know what you are thinking, but in this bizarre time, that question feels to be in line with the president of the United States’ belief; in fact, I don’t think that Petersen’s lack of judicial knowledge will keep him from becoming a judge, I think it will weigh more heavily on the panel that he didn’t blog in favor of the KKK.

Watch the whole mess below:


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I just decided not to apply for a job because the last requirement they listed was “some knowledge of Mandarin.” I have none, other that knowing it’s a language that exists and that I do not speak, so I deemed myself unqualified. I can’t imagune being this unqualified for a job this important and pushing through anyway. “Lord, grant me the confidence of a mediocre white man.”