Watch: There’s a New Meghan in Town ... and She’s an Animal

Move over, Meghan Markle ... there’s a new Meghan in town. But this Meghan is an animal—an okapi, to be exact.


Meghan the baby okapi was born at a London zoo in December after a 30-minute labor. Sources say that approximately 25,000 okapis remain in the wild. And the zoo says that naming the animal after London’s first black princess-to-be is an opportunity to raise awareness of the okapi, which is an endangered species.

But an African animal named after an African-American woman? Really?!

What do you think? Watch the video above.

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I think that brown hat Meghan Markle is wearing in the video is hands down the best millinery I’ve seen anyone in the royal family wear in decades iow she doesn’t look like a fool.