Watch: The Root Staff Tries Ms. Robbie’s Soul Food

The Root TV screenshot
The Root TV screenshot

By now you may have noticed that The Root staff likes a plate of good food and we offer the sharp opinions—hence the premise of our new video series, The Root Eats. Genius.


In the past we were appalled by $66 collard greens (that had the nerve to be nasty), pitted fruitcakes against one another and were bamboozled by supersweet desserts. But we’re still here.

This go-round, we’re giving the recipes of reality-television star Ms. Robbie, of OWN’s Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, a try. The menu is pretty straightforward: fried okra, biscuits and banana pudding. A hodgepodge of sorts, but these items are all fixtures on the traditional soul food menu.

Will Ms. Robbie’s recipes pass the test? Check out the video below to find out:

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i know one thing for sure - lunch is being served hereabouts in 15 minutes, and i’ll be thinking about my lack of swag sauce the whole time.

thanks, the root eats!