In the Hot Seat With Miss Robbie and Tim From Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s

Tim Norman and Robbie Montgomery (The Root TV screenshot)
Tim Norman and Robbie Montgomery (The Root TV screenshot)

Robbie Montgomery and Tim Norman are a mother-and-son duo from St. Louis, and they cook good food. Need we say more?

If you’ve answered “yes,” do read on.

For the unknowing, Miss Robbie and Tim, of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s on OWN, are reality-television stars that run a soul food empire, Sweetie Pie’s.


They’re cheeky, but they always keep it real. Shady, but honest. And Miss Robbie is sassy in that old-school-auntie kind of way. You should probably take note. We did, and learned that the term “joaning” came way before “shade.” Thank you for the gem, Miss Robbie!

In their seventh season, Miss Robbie and her family have faced tumult, from lawsuits to loss of life. Still, they continue on.

We got Miss Robbie and Tim in The Root’s hot seat to discuss food, family and Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. Can this reality-TV duo stand the heat?


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