Watch: The Root Staff Executes the Battle of the Fruitcakes

The Root TV Screenshot
The Root TV Screenshot

The holidays are here, and what would the holidays be without fruitcake?

For many, the answer would be “a time to share love with friends and family, just without a fruitcake.” Touché.

Still, here at The Root, we acknowledge that to some, fruitcake is a tradition. So The Root staff decided to put this Christmas staple to the test in “the battle of the fruitcakes.”

Here’s the deal: The Root pitted the traditional American fruitcake against the Jamaican fruitcake (which has several aliases: black cake, rum cake, rum fruitcake, fruit and rum cake, you name it). After a thorough palate cleansing followed by a gastronomic examination, we cast votes and called a winner.


Two fruitcakes. One taste test. See which cake claimed the top spot.

Felice León is multimedia editor at The Root.

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