I don’t know if University of Maryland women’s basketball star Destiny Slocum could hit this shot again if she wanted to, but during the Terps’ rout of West Virginia to advance to the Sweet 16, Slocum chucked a 70-foot two-hand overhead shot right before halftime.


It wasn’t just the shot that was amazing; it was everything. There were only 4.5 seconds on the clock when Slocum took the shot. There was enough time for her to take a few dribbles and then a heave from half-court, but Slocum literally caught the ball, turned and shot with a defender in her face and still hit nothing but net.

I’m not sure how West Virginia managed to come out of the locker room after that shot. It was demoralizing. In fact, it might have worked out better if they had just stayed in the locker room because the No. 3 Terps would go on to crush the No. 6 Mountaineers 83-58.

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