Watch: The 2nd Annual Blackest Awards Winners!

We’re so happy to bring you the winners for our 2nd Annual Blackest Awards. Around here, we call them The Skippies because we get down like that. Well, as with most awards shows, some awards are televised—unlike the revolution—while others are awarded before the show. Since we don’t have a show, so to speak, but like the idea of awarding folks their awards via video, The Root’s editor-in-chief, Danielle Belton, and Very Smart Brothas’ senior editor, Panama Jackson (along with the fine work of our video department) put together a video where we handed out, virtually and sans an actual hardware award, some of our favorite awards.

And to check out the full list of categories and reader-voted winners for our 2nd awards season here at The Root, make sure you mosey on down the road to get while the gettin’s good. Which just means, simply, check back here later to read about all of our winners!



Having this closed captioned would go a long way for increasing accessibility to your deaf/HoH audience.

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