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Ray Tensing, shown here in a video clip from a May 2014 aggressive traffic stop
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In May 2014, Ray Tensing, the University of Cincinnati police officer charged with murder in the death of Sam Dubose, stopped a vehicle carrying two young black men. The bumper was dragging on the car Sexton Henley was driving. Demetrius Pace was a passenger. The two believed the officer was harassing them, so Pace started recording the exchange.

Although Tensing had stopped Henley for a broken bumper, his questioning quickly turned to the passenger, Pace.


Tensing: I need your name …

Pace: Demetrius.

Tensing: Your date of birth.

Pace: I'm not giving you that.

Tensing: OK, if you refuse to identify yourself, we have a charge …  

Pace: What's the charge?

Tensing: Refusing to identify—you have to provide …  

Pace: I told you my name.

Tensing: Why do you keep interrupting me? You asked me a question.

The officer then asked Pace to get out of the car.

Pace: What's the charge?

Tensing: Step out of the car.

Pace: What am I stepping out of the car for?

Tensing: Because I asked you to.

Pace: What am I stepping out of the car for?

Tensing: Step out of the car.

Pace refuses to step out of the car because he believes the officer is infringing on his rights. At this point, Pace and Henley request that Tensing call for a supervisor. Tensing, who has only been on the job a month, at first denies the request but then calls for a supervisor. Once the supervisor arrives, he tells Henley that he's giving him a ticket for the broken bumper and then sends the young men on their way.

Watch the interaction below:

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