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Watch: Michael Irvin and Stephen A. Smith Argue Like Old Black Men With Receding Hairlines

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Every now and then when two black men of a certain age get together and talk about sports, a shit ton of yelling usually ensues and is only stopped by one man yelling, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”


These men are usually my uncles and this argument is usually about Washington, D.C.’s football team.

On Monday, Stephen A. Smith, (the “A” stands for All Lives Matter) the loudest yelling man in sports talk show history, appeared to meet his match when Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin joined ESPN’s First Take to argue like two black men do around sports, and the only thing that was missing was a barber’s chair or a pint of rotgut.


It started around the Cleveland Browns and their new lineup and whether they are serious contenders for this year’s Super Bowl.

The two men weren’t done either. At some point, they ended up going ape shit over running back Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys owners and billionaires or some shit.


And this is exactly how my uncle Byron Michael Irvin looked after things got sorted out.

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