Watch: Long Beach Police Investigating Video of White Man Dragging Unconscious Man Off Train

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A video of a white man dragging an unconscious man off a train has prompted a police investigation although they have not yet determined if the man has committed a crime.


The person who recorded the video alleges that the unconscious man lying on the floor of a Long Beach, Calif., train had just suffered a seizure. A man of slave-owning descent seemed obviously perturbed that the life, health and safety of an actual human being might prevent him from arriving home in time to catch the latest episode of whatever evil people watch (Either Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity or Roy Moore’s new show on NBC: “To Not Catch a Predator”).

The video shows the white man dragging the limp body onto the train platform at the Metro Blue Line Willow Station, according to ABC News 7. As the evildoer drags the unconscious man, the impaired gentleman’s pants fall below his waist, but the empathy-impaired hobgoblin is more worried about getting home.

“Dude just had a seizure,” the videographer narrates, adding, “and this white boy gon’ drag him off the train, so he don’t miss his ride.”

“There are a lot of people on this train,” replies the soul-deficient Caucasian.

“Wasn’t nobody else tripping on having to wait for the paramedics to come,” replies the cameraman. “That’s that white shit. You gon’ drag him off for your convenience. That’s that bullshit white people do because y’all feel y’all can get away with it because .y’all know when the motherfucking law comes, y’all know the law don’t do shit to y’all for that bullshit.”

The statement turned out to be prophetic because Long Beach police say they are reviewing the video to see if the man committed a crime.

Metro authorities issued a statement saying: “Obviously, this is very disturbing and we never want to see this on our system. We’re getting all the facts, including reviewing the video from the train and the platform.”

Meanwhile, reports say the gentleman is at home resting comfortably.

That report is about the white dude.

There are no reports on the gentleman who was dragged. It’s not because the police, transportation officials or evil, train-riding white men don’t care about people being hurt or possibly dying. The main reason they don’t care about anyone other than themselves is that ...


Sorry, I’ll finish this later. I gotta get home.

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Yes...They Are Real!

8I recently developed epilepsy earlier this year. It’s frustrating because until I never know when an episode is going to hit me. I’ll have about a 10 second heads up before I can tell it’s coming. It’s especially scary when I’m by myself, and taking public transportation. Wondering how would anyone know what’s happening to me? Is she OD’ing? Did she psss out? What if it happens when I’m around a pervert, and he tries to take advantage of my being unconscious? Tons of hypotheticals constantly cross my mind.

I had my first episode back in February, in front of a stranger. A white lady. We were in a room alone. According to her, I started walking around with a blank stare on mg face, and scratching ar my right hand for some reason. She said I sat back down, but this time I sat closer to her, and began shaking. Fortunately she recognized what the shaking meant. I was having a grand mal.

Here’s what she did. Upon recognizing that I was having an epileptic seizure, she screamed for help, had them carefully lay my on the ground. Grabbed something hard to have me bite on so I didn’t bite through my lip and tongue. Here’s what she didn’t do... she didn’t drag me across the room. Casting me out like a sack of trash because I was an inconvenience to her. And she stayed with me until help arrived. Even following up after I was discharged from the hospital. THIS is how you treat a human being.

Shit... FFS, even just flat out ignoring the sick dude would have been 10 times better and more humane than dragging him across the train car.

I doubt this asshole is even reading ths. But I’ll say it anyway. Just fuck you man. Fuck!!!! You!!! Fuck you to hell!

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