Watch: Let’s Talk About the Hitler Haircut

The look has been given many names over the years: the “high and tight,” the“fashy,” the “synth” and the “undercut.”


Despite the cool names, you might recognize the cut from Richard Spencer and historic photos of Adolf Hitler. Some barbers even refer to the style as the “Hitler Youth.”

Notably, we’ve seen celebs like Brad Pitt, Macklemore and Adam Levine rock the look—and some have since given it up. And we can’t forget when Eric Trump debuted the look in June.


Here’s the thing: The cut is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and this new wave of white supremacists has jacked the look. See the problem?

So how about that “Hitler Youth”? Let’s talk about it. Voice-over courtesy of our very own Michael Harriot.

Afro-Cuban woman that was born and branded in New York. When León isn't actually creating cool videos, she's thinking of cool videos that she can create.

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Guys, please. We let him take the toothbrush moustache. Fine, nobody needs that.

This is literally the only haircut that looks good on my head. Don’t take this from me.