Watch: Keith Lamont Scott's Wife Recorded Fatal Encounter With Police

Rakeyia Scott’s video captured officers approaching her husband before he was fatally shot.

Video  of Keith Lamont Scott's fatal encounter with police in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday was taken by his wife, Rakeyia Scott, who shared the footage with NBC News.

The video does not clearly show the exact moment the 43-year-old was shot, but it does capture the moments before and after the shooting.


"He better not be f—king dead, he better not be f—cking dead," Rakeyia Scott can be heard yelling at officers. "He better live, he better live!"

Keith Scott's death has sparked three nights of volatile protests. Activists and Scott's family have been demanding that city officials release body-cam or dashcam footage of the shooting.

Rakeyia Scott can be heard talking to police as the footage rolls, pleading at them not to shoot, telling them that her husband has a traumatic brain injury and insisting, "He has no weapon; don't shoot him!"

Nonetheless, officers can be heard shouting at Keith Scott, "Drop the gun, drop the gun!"


Editor's note: Video contains sensitive images and strong language.


Rakeyia Scott then turns her pleas to her husband.

"Keith, don't let them break the windows! Come on out of the car," she yells. "Keith [and then to police officers], don't do it!


"Keith, Keith, Keith [and then to police officers], don't you do it!" she adds.

Despite claims that Keith Scott had no weapon on him, police insist that he had a handgun and posed "an imminent deadly threat." Another report by NBC shows a photo that appears to show a handgun at Scott's feet. However, no gun can be seen in the footage obtained from Scott's wife.


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