Watch: It Comes at Night Cast Names America’s Apocalyptic Disease

There’s a new thriller in town! Jordan Peele’s instant classic, Get Out, set the tone for a new type of thriller and proved that there’s nothing better than a fresh perspective on making people squirm in their seats. It Comes at Night has accomplished that feat, too!


This new thriller, which opens June 9 and stars Carmen Ejogo, Joel Edgerton and Kelvin Harrison Jr., sets the stage for a creepy, dramatic thriller that doesn’t need to rely on monsters, blood (OK, there is some blood) and gore to move the story along. Instead it relies on these three actors, their suspicions, their struggles to hold on to humanity and their constant questioning to keep you on the edge of your seat. Without giving away any spoilers, It Comes at Night will test your own compassion and confidence in other human beings when the apocalypse has left them trying to avoid the mysterious disease that is plaguing the world by any means necessary.

The Root sat down with Ejogo, Edgerton and Harrison to talk about what they would actually do to survive an apocalypse, and (with none of them being American) they boldly diagnosed America with a disease. Find out what they say Americans are suffering from right now in the above video.

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