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Floyd Mayweather Jr. has retired from boxing, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean youth-cheerleading judges can’t catch these hands.


It all went down like this: Mayweather was attending the Jamz Cheer and Dance competition in Irvine, Calif., on Sunday, according to TMZ Sports, to watch his 12-year-old daughter’s team compete. When he learned that his baby girl’s team had come in second, he lost his shit.

Event announcer Jeff Krapf told TMZ Sports that Mayweather went full Big Little Lies mom on the judges, saying, “I fund this program!”


Krapf added that Mayweather, who finished his professional career 49-0 and isn’t used to losing, was so upset, he thought the retired boxer was going to punch him.

“I thought, ‘Well, great, here’s my big paycheck. My payday’s coming!’” Krapf said. “But it didn’t happen.”

TMZ Sports notes that cooler heads prevailed once Mayweather was pulled into a private area away from the children to talk with an event executive.

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