Jason Terry struggling after attempting the Choco Challenge
Screenshot: YouTube

The #ChocoChallenge is the latest social media stunt in which someone tries to eat something really fucking hot that’s most likely going to burn their goddamn intestines and might even possibly send them to the hospital. It’s basically the one chip challenge, but in chocolate form.

The good thing about this challenge (yes, there is a good thing about burning the fuck out of your stomach lining) is that the makers of the flaming hot chocolate, a company called Fuego Box, “is trying to raise $100,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Five dollars of every purchased bar goes toward the goal,” according to For The Win.


Well, on Thursday night, former NBA guard Jason Terry decided that he was brave enough to take the challenge and well, hilarity ensued.

There are tons of videos of folks doing the challenge, but none is better than this guy who I’m convinced might not be human.