Watch: Disturbing Video Shows NC Hospital Volunteer Turn Into Demon

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
The volunteer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina who got really, really angry—and then she got mad
YouTube screenshot

A female volunteer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina went from 0 to 100 real quick. It is unclear what prompted the encounter between the enraged hospital volunteer and a father, Isaiah Baskins, who was at the facility with his two children and posted video of the incident to YouTube.

According to the posting, Baskins' daughter had an appointment at the hospital. Somewhere between the appointment and the start of the video, things went south fast, with Baskins claiming that the woman used the n-word. On the video she can be heard saying that she doesn't want to see his "gray underwear." According to the Winston-Salem Journal, she also referred to his "saggy pants."


"We deeply regret and apologize for this behavior demonstrated by our volunteer in this video," Wake Forest Baptist officials posted in the comments section under the video. "We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for all, with respect, dignity and compassion. We are taking action, and this individual is no longer a volunteer with our organization. If they haven’t already, one of our senior executives should be reaching out to you shortly. Again, we apologize for this appalling incident."

In the seven-minute-long video, the hospital volunteer can be seen taking a stroller and pushing it out of the area where Baskins and his children are sitting.

Baskins can be heard saying, "There's something wrong with this volunteer. She's acting the fool."

The volunteer can be heard telling Baskins, "You're getting out."

The volunteer then proceeds to call security and begins yelling in a demonic tone that Baskins needs to leave.


Baskins tells her that he's recording the incident. And then things really get scary.

Watch the video below:

Read more at the Winston-Salem Journal.

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