Watch: Chinese Official Laughs Out Loud When President Trump Shows He Doesn’t Understand WTF He’s Talking About

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The president of people who fry Oreos and pickles continues to prove without a doubt that he’s got no idea what he’s doing. In the continuous Weekend at Bernie’s movie of our lives, the president of people who believe that roadkill is still edible meat doesn’t understand legal terminology.


The moment began when America’s lead trade negotiator, Robert Lighthizer, tried to explain to President Dumb Ass that “memorandums of understanding” are contracts.

Lighthizer tried to do his best not to embarrass the president but that would have required the trade negotiator to go back to when the president lied about having bone spurs to avoid going to war.

From HuffPost:

It started when Trump was asked by a reporter how long “memorandums of understanding” being negotiated with China over trade disputes would last.

Trump shot back: “I don’t like MOUs because they don’t mean anything.”

Lighthizer calmly corrected the president, and turned to explain to reporters: “An MOU is a contract. It’s the way trade agreements are generally [established]. It’s an actual contract between the two parties. A memo of understanding is a binding agreement.”

He added: “It’s detailed, it covers everything. ... It’s a legal term; it’s a contract.”

“I disagree,” said a scowling Trump, causing top Chinese negotiator Vice Premier Liu He to laugh. “A memorandum of understanding is exactly that: It’s a memorandum of what our understanding is,” he said, circling his hands in the air. “How long will that take to put into a ... contract?”

Lighthizer realized that he was arguing with a goddamn fool and changed tactics.

“From now on we’re not using ‘memorandum of understanding’ anymore”—sparking laughter from several people in the room—“we’re going to use the term ‘trade agreement.’ We’ll have the same document; it’s going to be called a trade agreement. We’re never going to have an MOU again.”


“Good,” said Trump.

Watch the cringey moment below:

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



This man has been alone in a room making deals with the likes of Putin and Kim Jong Un and I don’t think we’re going to know just how awful those deals were until it’s way past too late.