Watch: Police Kill Another Person With Mental Illness, This Time in Ind.

Editor’s note: Warning: The video contains graphic content.

On Tuesday, Ricky Ard was fatally shot multiple times by an Indiana police officer. The incident occurred outside a federal courthouse in Evansville after he smashed windows with a baseball bat.


The Vanderburgh County coroner reported that Ard was in the midst of a schizophrenic episode and was fixated on an unsolved 1977 car-bombing death when he encountered the officer.

The victim’s family says he “had a long, documented history of mental illness.”

In July, a New York City police officer killed Dwayne Jeune in his Brooklyn apartment. It is an all-too-common tale of police fatally mishandling situations involving people who are mentally ill.


Watch the video above for more info on the shooting in Indiana.

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