Watch: Anderson Cooper Corrects Colleague Who Called French Terrorist an African American

Two of the suspects in this week’s terrorist attacks in Paris
CNN screenshot

CNN’s Anderson Cooper corrected colleague Chris Cuomo’s incorrect description of a suspect as African American in one of two hostage situations that unfolded Friday in France, Mediaite reports, exhibiting an awareness that is rarely seen on television or cable news.

Both men, who are white, were reporting on events from Paris about noon Eastern time, giving updates on the terrorist attacks in France. At one point, Cuomo was talking about one of the suspects holding hostages in a Paris kosher supermarket and referred to him as an “African-American man,” the report notes.


“Not American,” Cooper quickly jumped in. “The man of African descent.”

“Right, African descent,” Cuomo replied. “Thank you. Sorry, Anderson.”

They were discussing Amedy Coulibaly, who is suspected of killing a Paris police officer on Thursday in the Montrouge area of the southern Parisian suburbs. French police eventually killed Coulibaly.

Watch the video here:

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