Watch Alex Jones And Sen. Marco Rubio Almost Get Into A Fight

Alex Jones confronted Sen. Marco Rubio outside of a Senate hearing on social media.
Alex Jones confronted Sen. Marco Rubio outside of a Senate hearing on social media.
Screenshot: YouTube

In what might be the weirdest dustup of 2018, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Tex.) and resident nutjob Alex Jones (W-hite) engaged in a full-on “Hold me back” moment that included name-calling and vague threats of violence.


According to the USA Today, Rubio was outside of a hearing on social media when Jones decided he was going to stir the pot, which is what he used to do on his YouTube show until they banned him. Jones was there to testify, but he decided he was going to confront “Lil’ Marco,” as Trump used to (and probably still does) call him.

At one point Jones touches Rubio’s shoulder and a security guard or possibly Lil’ Marco personal tough guy told Jones not to touch the senator. Lil Marco told Jones, “Don’t touch me again, man,” Rubio told Jones, who runs the conspiracy site Infowars. “I’m asking you not to touch me again.”

“I was just patting you nicely,” Jones responded. “What, you want me to get arrested?”

Rubio fired back: “You’re not going to get arrested. I’ll take care of you myself.”


Jones being the dirt heel that he is, starting grandstanding to the camera that Lil Marco threatened him.

Thankfully for all of us, video of the incident was captured and shared across all social media platforms. It’s a prime example of what the kids call “pump-faking” in which both men talk a bunch of smack but no one actually does anything.


I liken it to the Chihuahua behind a fence barking at a pit bull passing by, but I don’t know which one would be the pit bull. National Geographic would call the footage “a live shot of a weasel sizing up a snake wearing a tinfoil hat.”

Jones was reportedly at the hearing “focused on whether Facebook and Twitter have done enough to counter the influence of foreign actors on their websites, including Russia, who are attempting to influence U.S. elections,” USA Today reports.


I guess Jones figured while he was there he might as well start some shit.



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