Watch: 10-Year-Old Dissects US Criminal Justice System in 30 Seconds

Angela Bronner Helm
A 10-year-old Garland, Texas, boy breaks down the criminal-justice system with a socioeconomic analysis. 

A viral video of a 10-year-old has been making the social media rounds, and it is truly delightful. In it, a young man easily breaks down the United States criminal-justice system and how it is skewed toward the rich. In about 30 seconds.

The elementary school student from Garland, Texas, took part in a debate on the disparities in the American criminal-justice system, and he is reminiscent of a young Martin Luther King Jr.—in tone, cadence and context. He critiques the issue around class, ironically using the racially charged O.J. Simpson murder case as his dropped mic.


“The criminal-justice system is really not fair,” the unidentified young man begins in the 30-second clip. “Because the average person that’s wealthy can easily pay their way out of prison. It’s really all about money because the people who have the money always pay their way out. They hire the best lawyers, people who know they did the crime. But the people put on death row are the people who hardly have anything. People that hardly have family.”

And then, my favorite: “Think about it this way: Back to my favorite show, O.J. Simpson vs. the People.

Naomi Yitna, a volunteer for the school's debate program, uploaded the video to her Twitter account, and it has since racked up 60,000 retweets and 70,000 likes.

Yitna explained in a series of tweets why she admires the young man. “During a mini debate against him, which was about whether the death penalty ought to be banned in the U.S., he argued that it should be banned and simply used ‘OJ Simpson vs. The People’ as a reference.


“He’s very brilliant-minded and far beyond his age, and I look up to him for it,” she added.

Out the mouth of beautiful babes! Watch below. 

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