It could be the seam you bust when attempting to sit down. Or the strap that breaks on your sandal—or God, forbid, your dress—when you’re far from home. How about those stockings (or underwear) that decide to give up on life and keep rolling down while you’re just trying to keep rolling?

I could go on and on, but whatever it is, we’re all familiar with the dreaded “wardrobe malfunction,” a term coined during Janet Jackson’s 2004 Nipplegate fiasco and claimed during countless style fails since. So when one of TMZ’s intrepid (read: nosy as hell) reporters recently caught up with Queen Sugar’s Bianca Lawson in an airport and got her to dish on her worst wardrobe malfunction, we couldn’t help but empathize.


As Lawson tells it, she was mid-audition for a role in HBO’s Westworld when the enhancements in her dress refused to let her be great.

“There was a bit of a hiccup,” she says. “Something within the dress exploded, and I was covered in oil. It was a disaster.”


That’s right; those “water bras” aren’t just filled with water, folks. Lawson explained that aside from being covered in the oily fluid, she also ended up with a lopsided cleavage, making the rest of the audition awkward, to say the least.

“They were very sweet about it,” she says, though admittedly, she didn’t land the role (and we think Queen Sugar is all the better for it).

Honestly, Lawson’s incident sounds more like a wardrobe monsoon than a simple malfunction, but really, who hasn’t been there? Being cute often comes with the risk of catastrophe; as Lawson’s stepsister Beyoncé sang, “pretty hurts.” Sometimes, it unfortunately humiliates.